Brake adapter Volvo XC90 for Nissan S13 /S14 /S15 /Skyline (not GTR) Front
Art no: AS-009009-01

These adapters make the XC90 caliper fit directly on your Nissan S13 /S14 /S15 /Skyline (not GTR) from the front (S13 if you convert to 5-bolt)

Requires at least 18 “rim.

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These adapters are made for a Nissan 354mm brake disc (LINKED below)

NOTE! These products are not approved by Swedish car testing (as long as the car is not registered with them) and may therefore only be used on e.g. lane, ASS disclaims all responsibility for penalties you may receive in e.g. a flying inspection.

BUT! If you are going to inspect your car for registration with rebuilt brakes, these adapters are approved, what is normally required then is material spec and these are made of 8mm Domex S650MCD.

Delivered incl. all screws and spacers needed, all mounting screws are in 12: 9 quality
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