Manufacture of motorsport parts

We proudly announce that our products are designed, developed and manufactured in our workshop in Vårgårda – Sweden. This is how we have done it since we started in 2008, and that is how we plan to continue to do it.

We take no shortcuts, this to ensure that we deliver the best possible quality, function and finish every day, year after year for all our customers all over the world.

We are constantly developing new products where there is demand. Or we develop improved products where what is already on the market is substandard or lacks sufficient function.


We deliver proven solutions, not just details
We have 18 years of experience in modification and design in motorsport and manufacturing, which is reflected in the results of the products we offer.
Flexible and fast
We are a small growing company that collaborates with several retailers and is constantly looking at new products that may not even be on the market yet.
Quality and smart solutions
We constantly work for well-thought-out products with high quality. We value design and reliability.
Eager to sell our products?

Today, Andersson Steel & Speed ​​has many niche products and we are especially known for the wide width we have in special engine mounts.

But we strive to expand and develop new markets, which is why we invite new resellers, representatives and partners to work with.

Our products are exclusive and often unique. Demand for them is growing steadily.

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