Reinforcement plates for Driveshaft packing box Volvo 240 /740 /940
Art no: AS-003005-01

Reinforcement plates for the rear axle wheel bearing /packing box.

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Mainly used in drifting when you get a lot of load on the drive axles laterally and thus high pressure against the outer stuffing box which begins to leak because the original plate gives way.
This often results in getting rear axle oil on the brake disc, which is not good at all!


This easy-to-install reinforcement plate is made in two parts per side so that you don’t have to take out both the drive shaft and bearing.
It is mounted over the original sheet metal that will hold the packing box in place.


New longer screws for mounting are included.

Made of 5mm steel and electro-galvanized matt black.
One set contains reinforcement plates incl. screw to complete rear axle.
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